Devil Do by Disney

I found this recording as only a song. Monitor off, kick-to-the-woah.

Video, turns out, rocks too.

Here’s to you, Mrs Robinson

A little breakdown on the lack of media breakdown.

Media Consolidation Infographic

People Being Nice

If I could make the world a coke…

The Universal Language

So simple, human, global and clever. It’s nice to see the pervasiveness of the golden arches used for good instead of evil!

Fancy-Pants in the Desert

Fabee review of this funky ad, with reference links abound and fair warning of the crappy tunage. Read the slick ‘n quick analysis on Coilhouse.

Fantastic Bus Advertising

So often, agencies just morph their print ad into the new bus specs. What a missed creative opportunity! Check out these brilliant mutant vehicles.

Rebranding The Pop-Up

If you have to pass through a pop-up, may it be as pretty as this. I almost feel like “pop-up” is too cruel a name. It’s more like a cover.

This American Life on NPR

Layover in Burger-Time

This timetable at Warsaw Central Station in Poland shows departures in hamburgers, cokes and fries. It also syncs with McDonald’s business hours. Pervasive marketing alert!

I’m surprised we didn’t do this first in America. I mean, come on! Oh, no one rides trains here. Right.

Watch Something Beautiful

This color-tango is directed, produced and performed by Trish Sie, Grammy Award-winning American choreographer. After watching, try pulling the timeline-slider back and forth. What a vision.

Concept Integration

Clever concept integration in this Mercedes ad. This is how to do it.