Musical Chairs – Best of 2011 +

22 Enjoyable Internet Tunes From My 2011 Discoveries
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the 2011 Fabulosity Award:
Gil Scott Heron – Me and the Devil (5:00, 2 parts)

The Music’s Minor Drive + Timed Edits + Noir’ed Art and Light = Scary + Stunning = Lyrics



the Best Song:
Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci

I repeated this Oakland tune madly summer through fall.
Arrangements + build/energy + bite-sized lyrics of awesomeness + silent BFF rawking her along + hella hearting O-Town = this.



the 52 Sunday Listens Award:
A Sunday Smile – Beirut



the Best Cover Song:
The Real Tuesday Weld – The Day Before You Came (Abba)



the Best Live Performance (Concert):
Le Tigre – Who Took the Bomp?



the Best Live Performance (TV):
Haruomi Hosono & Miharu Koshi – Good Morning Mr Echo



the Best Melody:
Jessica Lea Mayfield – Our Hearts Are Wrong



the Frahnchie Award &
the OMFG Award
Karimouche – Mon p’tit kawa



the Pseudo-Frahnchie Award:
Caro Emerald – Back It Up (Acoustic)



the El Spanish Awardo:
Caetano Veloso – Cucurrucucu Paloma (Hable Con Ella)



the Melting Award:
Hindi Zahra – Beautiful Tango



the Smokey Snake Award:
Shivaree – The Snake



the Dirty Trumpet Award:
Parov Stela – Chambermaid Swing



the 11.11.11 Award:
Worldwide Drum Circle 11:11:11:11:11:11(Ad)



the Sweetest Rediscovery:
Teach me Tiger – Marilyn



the Reblip from 2010 Award:
The Bird And The Bee – What’s In the Middle



the Yay! Yay! Yay! Award:
DVA – Nunovó Tango



the Best Television Ad Song:
Hem – Half Acre



the 2011 Television Campaign Ad:
The Las Vegas Cosmopolitan (Booty Swing, also by Parov Stelar)

See first television for the campaign at :60 here.



the Almost Favorite 2011 TV Ad:
Sherwin Williams (original composition! Craig Dobbin, Beacon Street/Buck Studios)

See print portion of campaign here.



the Dark, Rainy Chicago Afternoon Award:
The Unseen Guest – Mangla Express



the Best Celebration:
Aurorita Castillo – Chambacu



the Most Adorable:
Forest City Lovers – If I Were A Tree



The End



The Worst of 2011 (P.S.)
Inhumanely violent image hack in the FB news feed.

Noone can unsee.




The lil’ images (P.P.S.)

Shit Usability


Shit Usability


Shit Usability

2 Responses to “Musical Chairs – Best of 2011”

  1. how did i not know about this blog?
    your song of the year is my number two song. still to this day i catch myself singing it while walking down the street more days that not.

    great list, though i simply refuse to click on anything i can never unsee.

  2. Love the Mangla. Bird & Bee, Le Tigre and Gucci Gucci was one of my favs from 2011.

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