Coke’s Plan: Sneaky Smart +

They release white, polar bear Coke cans.
Public “confusion” results in them “pulling” the cans.

[Despite that 'polar bear consciousness.']
[Did you know Coke is giving $3 million to the World Wildlife Fund?]
[No? Me neither, until...]

Wall St Journal! Reports!

Coke has had so many mega “public outcry draws massive free press and attention to our brand” marketing concessions in their history, I’m tempted to begin another entry about the glibly untethered, fun-house mirror we call a press corps.

Brilliant marketing plan. I *do* like their donation to save polar bears (“who doesn’t!?! For God’s sake. POLAR BEARS!!”), but Coke will hit another sales-high off of their BRAND being SPLASHED on every pseudo-news org just in time for the holidays.

Warm fuzzies. Smart stuff.

One Response to “Coke’s Plan: Sneaky Smart”

  1. I have to say that it is great marketing strategy. The press has come so predictable that you can manipulate them as part of you campaign. Sneaky, yes, something others will try, definitely. The question is whether this will give the Press the opportunity to evolve and learn or fall deeper in the cesspool of twisted facts that defines them today.

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